How Can You Help?

  1. Sign the petition to tell the Salt Lake County Mayor and Representatives that we DON’T want ASPHALT PAVING to go into Dimple Dell Park. Keep the existing footprint of wood chip trails to keep the park wild and natural!

    You can also download a printed petition form to canvass your Salt Lake County friends and neighbors for support. Please email when your printed signatures are ready for collection.

    (Download Here)
  2. Contact our Salt Lake County and Sandy City elected officials listed below. Tell them why NOT paving Dimple Dell is meaningful to you.


    • Ben McAdams | Salt Lake County Mayor | (385) 468-7052 |
    • Jenny Wilson | Salt Lake County Council At Large A | (385) 468-7451 |
    • Richard Snelgrove | Salt Lake County Council At Large B | (385) 468-7452 |
    • James Bradley | Salt Lake County Council At Large C | (385) 468-7453 |
    • Arlyn Bradshaw | Salt Lake County Council: District 1 | (385) 468-7454 |
    • Michael H. Jensen | Salt Lake County Council: District 2 | (385) 468-7455 |
    • Aimee Winder Newton | Salt Lake County Council: District 3 | (385) 468-7456 |
    • Sam Granato | Salt Lake County Council: District 4 | (385) 468-7457 |
    • Steve DeBry | Salt Lake County Council: District 5 | (385) 468-7458 |
    • Max Burdick | Salt Lake County Council: District 6 | (385) 468-7459 |


  3. Like our Facebook page and share your story, then share with your friends.

  4. Share an informational flyer with your friends and family.

    (Download Here)
  5. Volunteer. We need help with getting the word out as well as making contacts and doing research. If you think you can help in any way please take a moment to contact us at:

  6. Educate yourself and others. See this page for resources to learn the history, the park’s Open Space designation to preserve a wild natural habitat, the archaeological value of the park, and how the asphalt trails will destroy all these valuable aspects of the park. Once it is lost, it is lost forever!

  7. Donate to the Save Dimple Dell Fund. Donations are used to petition, communicate and educate the public with printed material, social media promotions, web presence, etc. to help us fight to keep Dimple Dell wild and natural now and for future generations.