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  1. Conceptual Cross Section of Dimple Dell Trail

    dimple dell cross section

    Based on a conversation with Sandy City, the above diagram was produced to help us understand the potential trail design and impact…

  2. Dimple Dell Regional Park Management Plan

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    This document extensively describes the erosion potential of the park which could be exacerbated by the asphalt trails and clear zones.

  3. East West Recreational Trails Master Plan

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    The paving of the North Rim Trail is part of corridor D. To understand what the County plans to do, read page 12: Trail Standards and Typical Paved Multi-Purpose Trail Section

  4. SLCO 2015 Parks and Recreation Facilities Master Plan

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    Read Regional Open Space on pages 35 – 37 to understand the original intent for Dimple Dell Regional Park. It is intended for open space, to remain pristine, natural, and unaltered by development.

  5. Dimple Dell Regional Park

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    Salt Lake County information about the park.